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BBC News wrongly accuses Imam of call for ‘armed Jihad’


BBC News


Ed Thomas


BBC falsely accuses Manchester Imam of calling for ‘armed Jihad’


16 Aug 2018

The BBC on News at 6/10 broadcast a news piece by Ed Thomas in which an Imam from Didsbury Park Mosque was accused of calling for ‘armed jihad.’  The investigation started with: “Last year’s suicide bombing at Manchester arena was the most deadly terror attack in the UK for over a decade…questions still remain over how he came to be radicalized. The BBC has obtained a recording of a sermon delivered at the mosque 6 months before the bombing….”. It appears that the BBC is implying that the sermon had in some way inspired the bombing or was in some way linked to the radicalisation of Salman Abedi.

The report also suggested that the Imam was inciting terrorism abroad. Incitement to commit acts of terror is an offence. However, following a review of the report, the police found that no offence had been committed. 

The Centre for Media Monitoring has lodged a complaint to the BBC for falsely  accusing an imam of calling for Muslims to be involved in terrorism and linking it to the murder of innocent civilians in Manchester. 





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