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Mail Online changes “British Imam” headline


The Mail Online


“British Imam says Muslims should ‘aspire to be like’ Qassem Soleimani…”


9 January 2020

Another successful correction! The Mail Online erroneously referred to a speaker outside the Islamic Centre of England, a mosque located in Maida Vale, London, as the Imam. In fact he is the chair of an unrelated charity, and is not officially connected to the mosque. The CfMM staff pointed out the mistake and the change was made today.

So what is an Imam?  Traditionally, an Imam is a person who holds a position of religious leadership, leads the daily prayers. and who represents the mosque or institution where he is employed.

It was important for this to be reported correctly to avoid having any individual’s personal opinions attributed to any Islamic institution, or to the Muslim community as a whole.



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