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Manchester Evening News removed image of Muslim woman following CfMM correspondence


Manchester Evening News


Stark warning issued to anyone who uses supermarket self-checkout tills


13 July 2021

On 13 July, Manchester Evening News published the headline Stark warning issued to anyone who uses supermarket self-checkout tills, illustrated with an image of a visibly Muslim woman in hijab using a self-checkout.

We considered this to be a breach of the Editors Code Clause 1: Accuracy, for the reasons below.

  • the article discusses an Australian woman’s “technique of using the self-service checkout to pass off more expensive items as cheaper ones”
  • the use of a woman in hijab in the photograph sends the message that either the woman in question is Muslim, or that this is a “technique” used by Muslim women, neither of which is true.

We requested MEN to remove the image and replace it with one which does not suggest a connection with any minority group.

After our email, MEN wrote back immediately to say they had changed the image!  We thank them for listening and responding to our concerns so quickly.



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