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The Mirror changes problematic description of ISIS in article on Baghdadi’s death


The Mirror


Joseph Wilkes


ISIS confirms new leader as they warn US not to celebrate death of al-Baghdadi


31 October 2019

Following a complaints from CfMM, the Mirror has made a change in the way they refer to ISIS in an article on the death of the terrorist group’s leader, Baghdadi.

In the original article published on 31 October 2019, the paper used the phrase, “the Sunni Muslim terrorist group,” with reference to ISIS.  CfMM immediately contacted The Mirror, explaining that the behaviour and belief of ISIS should not be described as “Muslim,” nor via the sectarian delineation of Sunni/Shi’a.  It is misleading to do so, not least because both Sunni and Shi’a Muslims reject ISIS.

After our letter, we’re happy to report that the editors at The Mirror agreed with our points and have made the changes requested, as can be seen below.

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