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The Mirror correct headline after CfMM complaint


The Mirror


Coronavirus: Mass graves dug at London cemetery as muslim community hit by pandemic.


14 April 2020

Another day, another success! Thank you to those at The Mirror for correcting the headline.

The ‘mass graves’ in the first headline referred to ‘saff graves’, which were pre-dug graves that could hold up to only ten bodies, hardly ‘mass graves’, and only 2 saff graves had been dug in one cemetery at the time of the article. Furthermore, the insinuation of ‘mass graves’ is generally attributed to war or genocidal crime, namely the Holocaust. Therefore, this headline was sensationalist and somewhat scare-mongering.

After receiving our complaint, The Mirror swiftly moved to make the correction below. As is clear, small changes make a big difference in a headline, and we continue to work with media outlets to get it right!



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