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The Sun corrects Pakistan Covid-19 headline but fails to remove tweet.


The Sun


Half if UK imported coronaries cases ‘originate from Pakistan’ amid calls for tougher checks on ‘high risk countries’


27 June 2020

The Sun have amended their misleading headline which stated that ‘half of UK imported coronaries cases originate from Pakistan’ after The Centre for Media Monitoring complained that this statistic only referred to 30 cases between 4 and 27 June 2020. The Sun changed their headline to included ‘since June 24’ and ‘numbering 30 in total’ into their headline.

However, The Sun are still yet to remove this tweet, despite changing the headline of the article:

These inaccurate and incomplete headlines were regurgitated in multiple national newspaper publications, including The Telegraph and Mail Online, who were both forced to change their headlines by Press regulator IPSO.



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