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Meet the Media 2020 Webinar Event and Workshop

On Thursday 1st October, Centre for Media Monitoring welcomed over 100 participants to our “Meet the Media 2020” event.

Starting with a recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Shaykh Is’Haaq Jasat, CfMM Director Rizwana Hamid then welcomed the panel and opened the discussion.

The event included a panel discussion, open Q&A session, and contributions from community members.

A huge thank you to all who participated, especially our panellists:

  • Toby Castle (BBC)
  • Peter Clifton (Press Association)
  • Roohi Hasan (ITV News)
  • Gary Jones (Daily Express)
  • Alison Phillips (Daily Mirror)
  • Diane Ridley (ITV News)

Thank you also to Gemma Aldridge (Daily Mirror) and Louise Hastings (Sky) for facilitating breakout sessions, and to Shaykh Is’Haaq Jasat and Ms Anjum Peerbacos for contributing their experiences with media engagement.

"Meet the Media 2020" Event