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CfMM Submission to the IMPRESS Standards Code Review

The Centre for Media Monitoring submitted evidence to the IMPRESS Standards Code Review in March 2021.

In keeping with our stated remit, monitoring the representation of Islam and Muslims in the media, especially print and broadcast mainstream media, this submission only refers to those areas of the IMPRESS Standards Code that relate to our work, namely Accuracy and Discrimination.

In our experience, the most problematic publications, in terms of misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims, are not regulated by IMPRESS. CfMM has never submitted a complaint to IMPRESS in our three years of media monitoring; the examples and evidence we cite below are therefore examples from papers that are not IMPRESS members. We note that the majority of IMPRESS regulated publications are local news outlets and online news outlets, or news providers serving specific communities.

As a whole, CfMM recognises that the IMPRESS Standards more closely align with the recommendations of the Leveson Report than IPSO’s, and for this reason, we feel strongly that IMPRESS needs to work to bring national publications on board.

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