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CfMM Submission of Evidence to the Lords Select Committee on the Future of Journalism

The Centre for Media Monitoring has submitted written evidence to the Lords Select Committee on The Future of Journalism

An outline of our evidence is as follows:

  1. We respond to the following two questions:
    –  Why has trust in journalists declined? How could it be improved?
    –  Why is the journalism profession not more representative of the population?
  2. The first section on trust will address why there is mistrust of the profession specifically by Muslims:
    –  Journalism & Muslims
    –  Consequences of Irresponsible Journalism
    –  Accuracy
    –  Language & Terminology
    –  Consistency
    –  Opinion & Comment Journalism
  3. The second section on why the profession is not representative, we will address the following issues:
    –  Unconscious selection bias
    –  Quotas
    –  Recruitment
    –  Training
    –  Perspectives
    –  Correcting Misunderstandings
    –  Normalisation