Media Awareness Training

Get Involved, Get The Skills, Make A Change!

We all know the media can be a force for good when responsible reporting practises are adhered to by journalists. CfMM is working to change how our Muslim communities engage with the media, so we are better equipped to deal with the effects resulting from inaccurate and sometimes biased reporting.

In order to empower Muslim communities to proactively engage with the media, we offer various types of training. Our workshops are delivered by an experienced professional trainer.  Fees are competitive and we offer discounts to MCB affiliate members, please get in touch for full details.

Due to the current pandemic, all of our training is delivered online via Zoom or Teams.

Interested?  Get in touch via the link below and we’ll contact you to discuss your needs.

Introduction to Media Monitoring

Our aim is to build a community of individuals and organisations who are aware of the media narratives often employed in reporting on Muslims and Islam, and who know what steps to take to tackle and reduce inaccurate and misleading information.

This interactive workshop trains participants in the basic skills needed to make effective complaints to both print and broadcast media watchdogs. The sessions are practical with hands-on exercises using real examples.

This workshop is FREE.


Writing Effective Press Releases

Need to get your project some positive media attention?  An attention-grabbing press release is what you need! This workshop will go through the main techniques for writing sharp, effective press releases that will grab journalists’ attention and get positive media coverage for your event, project or story. Includes practical workshop and feedback session.

Media Interview Skills

How comfortable are you in front of the mic or camera? This training session will give your organisation’s spokespeople the skills needed to prepare for and deliver a polished media interview. We show you how to plan your interview, communicate your main messages and respond to difficult questions. The day includes practice radio and TV interviews with feedback.


Crisis Media Management

What can we do when something goes wrong, and the media gets wind of it?  Do we shut up shop and hope they go away, or do we face the music?
This workshop is essential training for all Muslim-led organisations in the UK.  Learn the right way to respond to a crisis, take ownership of the story, and avoid letting a small issue become magnified by unwanted press coverage.  The session includes writing or interview workshops to apply the skills learned.